Dream castle in Italy

Soon I will supply with much more samples of great locations from Denmark, mostly from around Copenhagen. (do have a lot of options/locations from hole Scandinavian) And some location from south EU, like this one:

This Trulli, and 700 years old farm house, renovated in larger scale by a danish couple, into this “Lord of the rings” look a like beautiful house. In Umbrian, not far from Bari and Ustoni, one of Italy‘s most beautiful cities, painted entirely white, and Armani‘s preferred city/place for a small holiday. It is possible to rent the house/Trulli, just let me know.

See the article in Bo Bedre.


About Jesper Ray Locationscout & Photographer

I´m a Danish Photorgrapher in houses -interiors -architecture and product shoots/designs. I write articles regarding this essue to all related magazines for the last 10 years. Always on the run for extraordinary houses, residentals that can blow my mind - as the "wooouw" effect thrils me to continuous this work years after years.. !
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