I´m a Danish Photographer and location scout in houses -interiors -architecture and product shoots/designs. I make articles regarding this issue to all related magazines for the last  years. Always on the run for extraordinary houses, residential that can blow my mind – as the “wooouw” effect thrills me to continuous this work years after years.. !

All this is an outcome of beeing an location scout for 11 years, providing the film and still photo business with hundreds of different locations. I came up with an archive of 70000 options – pictures

My new blog , as location scout and photographer, will now blow a fanfare for my website: www.jesperray.dk please take a look in to my world of beautiful houses and places where I have shoot residence of very high standard, to do articles for interior magazines all over the world. We do product photos shot in studio, and on several exiting choice of locations, with new to come every week. I have Denmark’s, well Scandinavian, largest archive of luxury houses and flats, with sea view and comes in all sizes, and trashy rustic old buildings/factories. Therefor see what Denmark can provide by locations for film (fictions) and commercials, still photo work, since i´m also a location scout, and location manager (+ production service) for film/photo production teams, with an location photo archive of 70000 pictures. Soon I will supply with much more samples of great locations from Denmark, mostly from around Copenhagen. (do have a lot of options/locations from hole Scandinavian) And some location from south EU

And :   http://www.raylocationscout.dk

Tlf: +45 27431400

DK. Copenhagen


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